Some PCB restaurant owners having a hard time hiring

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 9:33 PM CST
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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - With the busiest seasons of the year quickly approaching, you may have noticed more “help wanted” signs around Panama City Beach.

“We’re hiring. A lot of the places around here are hiring,” Angry Tuna Owner Tim Jacobi said.

Jacobi said once the pandemic hit, hiring was even harder. Now as Spring Break heats up, Jacobi said the number of people looking for work is still down.

“The stores like this, the small businesses, the ones that aren’t cooperating, they’re the ones that probably struggle a little bit more because of name recognition,” said Jacobi.

Jacobi said he believes more well-known restaurants get more applicants.

“We’re actually very blessed,” Pineapple Willy’s Incorporated CEO Melissa Traxler said.

Traxler said a lot of people want to work at her restaurant.

“We have so many employees that their friends and family tell them what a great place it is to work and they send them in and I think that’s how we got so lucky,” said Traxler.

But even with more applicants, Traxler said she sees another problem facing the entire restaurant industry on the Beach. She said many people still getting unemployment aren’t applying for jobs like they normally would this time of year. Jacobi says he agrees.

“But the problem is, how long do you give them that money, and will that affect them wanting to go back to work?” said Jacobi.

Both owners say there’s not a way to know for sure why fewer and fewer people are applying to these jobs, but if you’re thinking about applying, just do it.

Trexler said while they have an endless amount of applications coming in, Jacobi said Angry Tuna is barely surviving due to the workforce shortage.

But workers are needed because the business is coming. Between the two restaurants, more than 50 jobs are available and of course, many restaurants up and down the Beach have “help wanted” signs.

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