Former Gaetz staff member speaks on FBI investigation

Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 8:15 PM CDT
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A former staff member of Representative Matt Gaetz is among the first to speak out about the FBI investigation involving the Florida GOP congressman.

Captain Nathan Nelson worked for Gaetz as his director of military affairs.

Monday, Nelson called a press conference at his Santa Rosa Beach home regarding an “FBI encounter.”

“Last Wednesday afternoon, two members of the FBI came to my house unannounced to question me about allegations surrounding Congressman Gaetz,” Nelson said.

He said the FBI accused him of having knowledge about Gaetz’s alleged illegal activities.

“They told me that members of the media reached out to them asserting that I had previous knowledge of Congressman Gaetz’s involvement in illegal activities,” Nelson said.

News broke last week about a justice department investigation into Gaetz about his alleged involvement with multiple women who were recruited online for sex; an inquiry also involving a 17-year-old girl.

Nelson said the FBI’s allegations against himself are baseless therefore the allegations against Gaetz must also be fabricated.

Nelson also said he had a planned departure from Gaetz’s office to pursue a military career in a private capacity.

“Neither I nor any other member of Congressman Gaetz’s staff had any knowledge of illegal activities,” Nelson said.

When asked if he had any evidence to support his claims, Nelson said he did not.

“I’m not here to provide any degree of evidence in support of Congressman Gaetz, only to discredit these baseless allegations,” Nelson said.

Nelson also claimed he never met former Seminole County Ttx collector Joel Greenberg who is also named in the investigation.

So far, Gaetz has denied all allegations against him.

We have not received an official statement from his office, but he did tweet, “The FBI is literally running down false media rumors. They are investigating people, not crimes.”

Gaetz said Monday he will not resign from Congress.

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