Tyndall Academy 6th graders take home 3rd place in an ROV competition over the weekend

Published: Apr. 27, 2021 at 8:45 PM CDT
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TYNDALL, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - PVC pipes, cable, and a little brainpower are just some of what it takes for Tyndall academy 6th graders to battle in a remotely operated vehicles competition.

The students were at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Dauphin Island Alabama this past weekend for the competition, and they placed third among 12 teams.

The students say they were completely shocked by the result.

“I am pretty sure everyone was very nervous because as you know it was our first year do this and even though we have a teacher that has experience it was still a little weird and new to us,” Tyndall Academy Student, Haley Nitura said.

Their teacher Mrs. Morgan Sansbury says this was an amazing accomplishment considering they are 6th graders competing against high schoolers.

“And the competition doesn’t discriminate against grade level, so they had to compete against them, and they did, they did great, I’m so proud of them, I was going to be excited if they walked away with five points and the fact, they got 150 is excellent,” Sansbury said.

She adds, all the credit goes completely to the students.

“They worked well under pressure, they worked well as a team, they came together, they solved problems, and all of those things contributed, and it really speaks to the caliber of the students we get here at Tyndall. Everybody here does their part every day and that is what makes it so special,” Sansbury said.

Mrs. Sansbury says the robotics program at the school goes beyond competitions and even winning...

“We are preparing them to make sure they are ready for that high school course and ultimately as young adults pursue, hopefully, careers in STEM or STEM education and get those jobs and job skills that are going to be helpful to them throughout the rest of their lives,” Sansbury said.

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