‘He was a legend, he will be deeply missed’: Funeral procession held for retired Liberty County Sheriff

A procession for Sheriff Harrell Wood Revell
A procession for Sheriff Harrell Wood Revell(WCTV)
Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Funeral services took place Wednesday for former Liberty County Sheriff Harrell Wood Revell, who served as top law enforcer in the community for 26 years.

Sherriff Revell died this week at the age of 94. Those who knew him say his legacy is unmatched. Sheriff Revell was a man that others in uniform called a gentleman, professional and a Sheriff unlike any other.

Hundreds of law enforcement from across the Panhandle paid homage to the late great. Among the cars was Franklin County’s Sheriff, AJ Smith, who said he looked up to Harrell.

Sheriff Smith says he strives to be just like his mentor. “Being a sheriff that took care of people that no matter what the problem was, he was there to solve the problem, because that’s what Sheriff’s do, they solve problems and they serve the people and he was the icon for that,” said Smith.

The current Liberty County Sheriff, Buddy Money, knew Harrell from more than 40 years. He said Revell treated everyone with dignity and respect.

To see the turnout Wednesday was humbling for Sheriff Money.

“We are always trying to live up to that standard, of, ‘how do we communicate with people, how do we get people to trust us, how do we get people to do the things that we want?’ And that is what he did,” said Money.

Money said he owes it all to Sheriff Revell as he was the one who gave him his start in 1982. Money sayid that he does not know where he would be if Revell did not take a chance on him.

Retired Sheriff David Harvey worked shoulder to shoulder with Revell since 1976. The now-retired Wakulla County Sheriff said he was a unique sheriff who not only understood the intricacies of the job, but his people.

Revell was a World War 2 Veteran and Harvey said he was his hero. “He will be missed, he was a legend, he will be deeply missed,” said Harvey.

Sheriff Revell’s longtime friend Sandy Van Landingham, a retired State Attorney investigator, saw him the day before he died. He said his friend of over 40 years was a great man.

Landingham expressed that his friend was possibly the last “true” sheriff whose old school ways and love for sharing others drove him to put all he had into the job.

“As a sheriff, he was tough as nails,” said Landingham. “But he was as big hearted and compassionate as any man I have ever known. The people of Liberty County he loved dearly and helped them no matter what. They needed him and he would do anything for anyone else.”

Revell is said to have a laugh that warmed a room and loved wearing his Stetson hat with some cowboy boots.

His family is accepting memorial contributions which can be made out to:

Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches

9291 US Highway 90

Live Oak, Florida 32360

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