Tuesday Forecast

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 7:16 AM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Good Tuesday morning everyone!

It’s fairly quiet on radar this morning with just a few stray inland showers pushing north into Alabama. Otherwise, we’re fairly cloudy with some patchy fog for some on the morning commute.

Temperatures are warm and humid out the door once again. Most are starting off the day well into the 70s already. Make sure you’re dressed comfortably for a summery feel and pattern in the Panhandle today. That will also mean we’ll have a chance for a scattered brief shower or two in places.

All of the warmth and humidity, this tropical air mass, is being drummed up on a breezy southerly wind from the deep southerly reaches of the Gulf. Warm and moist air is very buoyant, and all it takes is for a little extra heating of the day to create some rising motion, or unstable air, to create rain chances. As these southerly winds are coming in across our relatively cooler shelf waters near the coast, Gulf water temperatures are in the low 70s, we won’t see sufficient warmth to create enough rising motion for rain around the beaches or bays.

However, as this air moves further north away from the coast, the land can heat up much more efficiently than the water and coastal areas. Highs away from the coast today may reach up to the upper 80s. That will be enough heating to create rising motion and develop scattered showers or thunderstorms today. They’ll be small and brief, but possible you could get more than one for anyone just 10mi away from the coast.

Bigger showers and thunderstorms erupt over Mississippi and Alabama to our northwest this afternoon in association with an approaching cold front. Those storms are likely to drift into the Panhandle after sunset where we should see them weakening as they move in. But rain chances will be much more likely for most if not all of NWFL tonight.

These showers or thunderstorms could even linger into much of our Wednesday morning as well.

Bottom Line...

For today, partly sunny skies on the coast to mostly cloudy skies inland with scattered showers and some thunderstorms. Highs today reach the low 80s on the coast to upper 80s inland. Your 7 Day Forecast brings in a more likely chance for rain tonight and into Wednesday morning.

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