Prepping for this year’s hurricane season

Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 2:41 PM CDT
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It never hurts to be ready for hurricane season, especially this year.

Experts predict this season, in particular, will be quite active, as we saw last year.

This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week.

NSA Panama City Oceanography Officer Lieutenant Leanna Cox said any planning is essential, whether that is an escape plan or a disaster kit.

She said in our area especially, to be mindful of waterways causing flooding and keep an eye on things outside that could easily be lifted in the wind.

”I definitely think it’s important that we have a plan for having an emergency escape kit. Those kinds of items would include extra clothes, batteries, flashlights, nonperishable foods,” Lieutenant Cox said.

She said do not wait to gather all your supplies days before the storm hits.

Lieutenant Cox also said to keep in mind you may need a separate electronics kit with extra batteries, a radio, and a solar charger.

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