Robinson looking back at Vikings minicamp, ahead to preseason camp

Published: Jul. 6, 2021 at 8:11 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -Bay and FSU alum Janarius Robinson is looking back, and looking ahead, you might say. He’s looking back at his first few workouts as a Minnesota Viking. And looking ahead to the start of his rookie NFL season.

I was able to chat with Robinson via Zoom a few days ago, and asked him about taking part in the Vikings OTA and minicamp back in mid-June.

“The experience was great.” Janarius told me. “Just getting out there and getting the feel of what feels like to be in the NFL. And to be coached by NFL coaches, and go through an NFL practice. And get my feet wet a little bit. Robinson, number 95 in the video here going through an O-T-A and a minicamp in June. He’s now amongst some of the best players on the planet, where everyone is bigger, stronger, faster! It was a great experience, you know just understanding and getting to know the playbook. It’s a lot more fundamental and a lot more technique. Like you said, everybody out there is big, fast and strong, so it comes down to the technical part of the game. I then asked Robinson how long he gave himself to be wowed by the first experience of working out on an NFL practice field, in the colors of an NFL team? “I think it first started when you know, when I first stepped foot into the facility.” Janarius responded. “And you know I saw the Minnesota Vikings logo everywhere. And once I hit that practice field the first time, I had one of my home-boys and I tapped him like ‘bro we really did it! We’re really in the NFL. I’ve really got on an NFL jersey. You know just looking down, I’m so used to seeing that Seminole head logo right here. And then I looked down and I actually saw the shield, which is the NFL logo. You know just thinking back to all it took for me to get to this point, to get to this level. And I’m just so grateful and thankful that God placed me in this position. You know I’m going to take it and I’m going to run with it.”

The conversation then moved to his competing for a job, and what kind of reception did he get from veteran players, some of whom he will be competing against for that job, for his playing time?

“You know the Minnesota organization is great, it’s fantastic.” says Robinson. “It’s a great group of guys, they welcomed us in, like we were already there. They helped us along the way. It’s very different than a lot of other organizations, that I’ve heard. Like I say Minnesota is a family and these guys are backing us and helping us in every way they possibly can. And may the best man win.”

As for the transition from college ball to an NFL team, well J-Rob feels he was well prepared for that, given his time at Florida State and his commitment to the game.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s a major change because you know you have a playbook in college. So you’ve got to be a pro and go about your business. I kind of got myself acclimated to that mindset while I was in college, being a pro and being about my business. And understanding that football is something that I want to do for my job so I have to be all in at it. And like I said right now I’m just focused on getting into the playbook and getting physically ready to go back to Minnesota.”

Robinson now working to keep himself in tip-top shape for the start of Fall camp which begins July 28th in Eagan, just outside Minneapolis.

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