Good News Bay podcast is sharing positive local stories

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 8:37 PM CDT
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Who couldn’t use a little good news especially these days? Good news is what local pastor Steve Taylor is sharing. Not in the form of a sermon from a pulpit but from a podcast.

It’s called Good News Bay.

“Our catchphrase is.... at Good News Bay we are making Bay County brighter, one conversation at a time,” said Taylor.

Taylor, like the rest of us, saw the effects of Hurricane Michael and then the pandemic.

“It became very difficult to convince lots of people that I was talking to and even myself to be happy about the situation,” said Taylor.

The pastor looked for a way to reach outside the walls of his church and help locals see the good side of life.

“Even though there has been much to mourn or much that we’ve lost, we’re an incredibly resilient community,” said Taylor. “And there is so much to celebrate about what is happening.”

You can hear what’s happening on his podcasts every week or so.

“We are available on Spotify and Google Cast as well as Apple podcasts,” said Taylor.

However, podcasts aren’t the only way to get the good news.

“What we’ve discovered is our biggest audience is still on YouTube and Facebook,” said Taylor.

He and some volunteers have converted a room at the Emerald Coast Fellowship Church in Panama City into a small studio complete with lights, camera, and microphone.

He invites locals to come on the program and share the good things happening in our area.

“I want people that we have on to have a positive story to tell,” said Taylor.

People such as Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford.

“Allow our sheriff to convey a lot of the positive things that are happening. (Let people know) they really are safe despite what they see relative to some of the national things,” said Taylor.

Panama City City Manager Mark McQueen was the first Good News Bay guest.

“General McQueen, he had a very near-death experience with COVID,” said Taylor. “He talked about how his faith sustained him and why he believes Panama City can be the premier city in the Panhandle,”

Taylor is a pastor but the subjects of his podcasts are not all faith-based.

“I want this to not just be the good news that Jesus brings but also good news in general,” said Taylor. “So the goal was to put information in front of them that was positive.”

He wants to give folks a break from the constant bombardment of what’s wrong in the world.

“Just like there’s a lot of negative on the media and social media rather than just totally get off all of it we’ve decided to try to take that and shine as bright a light as we possibly can and we’ve really been excited by how many people have responded in a positive way to Good News Bay,” said Taylor.

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