New Gulf Coast coaches formally introduced Wednesday

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 11:39 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -This is a bit of a transition time for Gulf Coast athletics, as two new head coaches are now in place. Both those coaches getting formal introductions at the college Wednesday.

Coach Rory Kuhn is the new women’s basketball head coach. And coach Tyler Younger, the new baseball head coach. Their introduction coming at the Harrison Field House around three Wednesday.

Younger is a former Gulf Coast assistant coach, coming back here after a stint as an assistant with Mississippi State. He just won a National Championship ring with that program. Coach Kuhn a former assistant in the Northwest Florida men’s program, coming back after a stint as an assistant for the women’s program at St. John’s. So both are familiar with both the area, and the Panhandle Conference.

“So it’s been interesting since I got here. Just hit the ground running.” coach Kuhn said. “Just got down here. Literally trying to find a place to live. Trying to recruit a team. So all those things, and meeting...I met everybody on campus, like yesterday (Tuesday{. So that was, well except for the president, tomorrow (Thursday). But I met everybody else. And I’ve just been running around, a lot of shaking hands, a lot of hellos. If I can remember half the names I’ll be happy about that. But just trying to spend a lot of time on the phone and meet people in the community.”

Coach Kuhn adding his having been a coach in this region, this conference before is what helped draw him to the Commodores job.

“Yeah that was one of the reasons that I felt real comfortable about coming back and going after this job. I spent (time) an hour down the road. You know like you said it’s a little bit different, in the panhandle part, then it is right here. But it’s still the Panhandle (Conference) So I mean I love this area, since I’ve been here. So just getting back has been great. And just got to get acclimated to this area a little bit more right now. But I’m excited to be here!

Coach Younger echoed that sentiment, adding he’s happy to be back on the Juco level as well.

“You know I love the junior college level.” said coach Younger. “I feel like from a development standpoint, it’s very rewarding. Because you have a lot to do with the kids’ academics. And the baseball side of things. And also you’re trying to make them a better human being off the field. So I feel like it’s a very rewarding level. So I’m excited to be back.”

Both are finishing up recruiting for their respective teams. Coach Kuhn indicating he has about a handful of spots still to fill. Younger has fewer than that left to fill.

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