Air Force officials confirm no active shooter situation at Tyndall Air Force Base

Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 10:41 AM CDT
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TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Tyndall Air Force Base officials say there is not an active shooter on the base after reports of one were seen on social media Tuesday morning.

Chief of Media Operations Scott Johnson confirmed to NewsChannel 7 there is not an active shooter on the base.

Officials say they are doing an active shooter exercise on the base, which triggered the initial reports.

“This morning we were conducting a routine active shooter exercise here on base at some point during that exercise an individual believed there to be a real-world threat,” Lieutenant Kayla Fitzgerald, PIO 325th Fighter Wing, said. “At that time that individual called 911 and in turn we had local, state, and federal law enforcement respond.”

Bay County Sheriff’s Officials say they responded to the base around 10 a.m. after getting a 911 call reporting an active shooter on base. BCSO and other law enforcement responded to the base during the exercise.

“When that comes over the radio that we have got an active shooter at Tyndall every law enforcement officer in the county is trying to head that way, so we did respond in large numbers,” Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford, said. “I know that people from all over the county saw us responding but at that time we felt like we had a real-world active shooter situation at Tyndall Air Force Base.”

The Tyndall Academy also went into lockdown because they were not informed if it was just a drill or a possible active shooter situation according to Bay District Schools Board Member Steve Moss.

“Communication would have been nice between the school district and the base itself because we expended a lot of extra resources because we did not know it was a drill,” Moss said. “A lot of different things adversely affected the school day today at Tyndall Academy because we did not know it was a drill.”

Tyndall officials say first responders on the scene cleared the building, ensured there was no threat, and the all-clear was issued.

Air Force officials did notify the public as soon as it was confirmed there was not an active shooter on the base.

Normal operations have resumed at the base.

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