Fort Walton Beach man goes viral on TikTok, brings people together through laughter

Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 9:12 PM CDT
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FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Over in Fort Walton Beach, you’ll find Justin Nunley coaching students at his Extra Innings Training Facility of Northwest Florida. There’s also a good chance you may recognize him, but unless you are trying to finetune your pitching technique, you probably saw him on TikTok.

He’s known as Justin “Danger” Nunley (@justin_danger_nunley) on TikTok. He’s known as the guy who interrupts viral videos, says “listen” and then gives random facts. It’s a simple idea that has turned into a home run.

“It has went from 5,000 followers to about three million in the course of a month,” said Nunely.

You may be thinking a massive following like that takes hours of sweat and tears. Nope. He was just bored during quarantine.

“I originally downloaded TikTok because I was bored and I started scrolling the for you page and I saw people telling jokes and I said I can do that better.”

3 million followers and counting, more than 43 million likes, and constant viral videos.

“I never expected it to be this and it be this big this quick. It is very humbling to know how fast it’s grown and how many people support.”

His videos reach viewers all over the world, but he’s also garnered some Florida fame as well.

“We walked into the theater the other night and we had people flock to us and it’s kind of embarrassing I guess you could say. It’s fun to meet everybody.”

“I think my kids use me as clout on the playground. My wife just generally rolls her eyes like most wives do and says this is crazy.”

She might think it’s crazy because there are so many “tiks” on the clock.

“If you don’t tend to it, it tends to die off. So between my family, this, and social media and then my regular career, it gets pretty time-consuming and very tiring.”

However, it isn’t about the fame or the followers. Making a difference is what really makes him “tik.”

“I want to create an environment where we can all celebrate our differences and heal through laughter.”

Nunely’s main account has more than three million followers, he also has a second account (@superhuegogrande) that has nearly two million followers.

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