Caffe Del Mundo opens in the Cove

Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 9:09 PM CST
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If you’re a coffee connoisseur or just like to taste new flavors there’s a new place in the Cove area of Panama City that would love for you to step inside.

Espresso bar Caffe Del Mundo opened its doors in November and the owners say they already have a following.

“Caffe Del Mundo means coffee of the world which we want to be known for,” said co-owner of Caffe Del Mundo Marta Rose-Thorpe.

Jimy and Marta Thorpe are coffee lovers so it just stands to reason they would open a coffee bar.

“It’s a full espresso bar with any of the creative drinks somebody could want,” said Marta.

Creative drinks like the one the baristas have just perfected. White chocolate, strawberry with almond milk espresso.

Caffe Del Mundo is a first of its kind in the Cove.

“Once we drove around the Cove and really saw that there are not very many commercial buildings, there’s not very many businesses, there’s not a lot of meet-up spots or places for the residents to go hang out,” said Marta. “We said why don’t we be the ones to create that? So we opened an espresso bar.”

But espresso isn’t the only thing that will tickle your taste buds.

“We have tea, we have smoothies, all kinds of baked goods and food, and then we’re also a wine bar, said Marta. “We do Sangria’s, beer, wine.. we are up to 63 different kinds of wine right now. Same as we’re doing with the coffee, we’re wanting to bring wines from all over as well.

The bar is open to anyone.

“It’s a very tranquil, calm environment and it’s easy for a meeting we have a lot of free wifi hookups and charging stations, we have a big screen If you need to plugin for your meeting,” said Marta. “We are dog friendly. Bring your pooch. dogs are welcome.”

On certain days while you’re waiting on your drink or just want to see how it’s done you can watch as Jimy fires up the roaster.

“This coffee roaster does 13 pounds of coffee per batch,” said Jimy. “It warms up, you dump the beans in, there’s a double-barrel inside cooking the beans. All we do is just record our time and temperatures at certain times. The magic normally begins around the 5 to 6-minute time frame and then you’ll start to see the change in the coloration of the beans.”

When you start to hear a cracking sound, kind of like popcorn popping, that’s what’s called the first crack.

“That would be the time I would take it out if I wanted a light roast,” said Jimy.

But if you’re more into a medium roast watch the time and pull the beans out just before the second crack.

“But we’re gonna go for the dark cause I’m using the Colombian for the espresso machine,” said Jimy. So he’ll wait until after the second crack.

When the beans come out of the roaster they’re really dry.

“But they’ll be ready in two days. So in two days it allows the beans to aerate, it allows the gasses to be released and it’s so amazing,” said Jimy. “Right now they’re still dry but within two days they’ll be covered in oil.”

Then the baristas work their magic.

“We’re blessed with a fantastic creative team of baristas,” said Marta. “People that work here they’re very creative they’re always coming up with new drinks.. and that’s exciting to be able to offer to people.

The Thorpes are looking to grow.

“We want to be known as a premier coffee roastery and wine bar,” said Marta. “We’re gonna be putting on more evening events with entertainment. We’re going to have winemakers coming in and sharing experiences with these great wines. We’ll be offering charcuterie, we’ll be rolling out a bigger menu down the road more items.”

Caffe Del Mundo is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed Sunday.

In February they will host four different wine tastings in the evenings so they’ll be open later from 6 to 8 p.m.

Then in the spring they’ll adjust their hours and stay open later.

For more information you can check them out on Facebook; you can also order on or call them at 850-869-6576.

The address is 101 S. Bonita Ave. Panama City, FL. 32401.

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