Reactions to rising gas prices

Reaction to rising gas prices
Published: May. 22, 2022 at 11:50 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - All across the area gas prices are topping four dollars when it comes to filling up at the pump.

“It’s very hard to travel, it makes it very hard for us,” Bernita Johnson, visiting from Carrollton, Georgia said.

For many traveling nowadays, with the rise in gas prices, many say they are being ever so cautious with their trips.

“Just work and home pretty much,” Verlinquia Robinson, visiting from Elba, Alabama said.

“I try to go to work and like once a week when I take my day off and If I still got a lot of money left, I can afford to maneuver I might take one trip down to Panama, Marianna, or maybe up to Dothan,” Jason Jennings, visiting from Bonifay said.

One man says it costs him quite a pretty penny to fill up nowadays.

“Ninety-seven dollars, to fill up your entire truck....97 dollars,” Armond Lincoln, one local traveler said.

Now all across the area, there are a variety of gas prices. From $4.25 all the way to $4.69. I know I actually, just returned from out of town where I saw gas prices as low as $4.15 and even $4.37. So collectively across the nation, gas prices are up and people say they are really concerned.

“If it’s gone be one price in one city, I feel like it should be the same,” Sage Kelley, visiting from Elba, Alabama said.

Between the recent increase in food prices and gas prices, one lady says day-to-day life is becoming quite the challenge.

“It’s hard for people to live. It’s getting hard for people to live. It’s getting hard. I mean it’s a struggle for most people,” Johnson said.

Some say they even travel further out just to get cheaper gas options, but lately, it really hasn’t made much difference.

“If I got enough to make it to Alabama, I will go to Alabama. I went, my ma went a couple of weeks ago and still only got half a tank off of $20. So I’m like dang, now I don’t even know I’d as well get it in town,” Jennings said.

According to JPMorgan, gas prices could reach over six dollars this summer. many say if that happens, they may not travel much at all.

“People that do take a trip to the beach, you go six dollars ain’t nobody gone wanna go nowhere,” Robinson said.

“I wouldn’t be out that much no. I think I’ll lay low, start hanging around the house BBQ’n on the back porch,” Johnson said.

Collectively all agree they would like to see lower gas prices in the near future.

For those interested, according to AAA the gas average for the state of Florida is $4.481 compared to the $2.877 a year ago.

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