New Mosley coach officially introduced to team, parents, boosters Wednesday

Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 9:38 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -Mosley’s new head baseball coach had the chance to meet his new team, and it him, Wednesday. That coming at the schools Fine Arts Auditorium. Bobby Howard getting the chance to speak to Mosley players, their parents and other Mosley baseball supporters early in the afternoon. Howard spending some time speaking to the players and parents about his coaching philosophy, even quoted da Vinci and Tolstoy along the way! Howard a very successful coach in south Georgia for decades. Spent 31 seasons at Columbus High School, leading that program to a dozen state championships, and 7 runner up finishes. He left that program in 2015 saying he was retiring, but then went to Phenix Central for two seasons there. Then spent the last few years at St. Anne-Pacelli back in Columbus! The coach, now 71 leaving that school less than two weeks ago, deciding to come south for the Dolphins job. He said it was that, or retirement, and he had no interest in the latter!

“Well the main thing is I enjoy it (coaching).” the coach told me “I didn’t like retirement. I had to go out of the house. I didn’t have any hobbies. I don’t play golf, hunt, fish. I try to work out and coach. I just think that...there is no generation gap when you’re teaching the game. I think that’s what...coaching is one of the highest, purest forms of teaching.”

Talk to any coach in the region who knows the 71 year old Howard, and they’ll speak highly of him. Those I spoke to called him an “old school” guy who knows how to win. Here’s what the coach said when I mentioned all that!

“Well I don’t know if it’s old-school, new-school. I just think you try to teach the fundamentals and teach them how to be the right person. Be the right student and be a great teammate. I think everything else takes care of itself. Now people can say maybe this or that, but I think that in this teaching, or being a parent, you have to continuously be evolving. And make sure that you’re improving and adapting to what the culture is around you.”

Howard has more than four decades in high school, and more than one thousand wins on the prep level. Proof he’s been very successful, and that he’s been around awhile. Again he’s 71, but as he puts it there’s no generation gap in coaching ball. Though just for good measure, he is bringing along a younger assistant coach, Matt Aldrich, who’s coached with Bobby the last three years.

“I always like to have younger guys around me to tell me that, you know, how hard the game is. And don’t forget it. I think a lot of times, through the social media aspect and the mass texts, and he can do all the technology things that I can’t do. He really plays with it, you know because he’s so good at it. I like to have his voice because he’s just forty years old. He’s not that far removed from the game, playing the game.”

Coach Howard says once he finds a place to live down here he’ll get started on a summer program. Bobby replaces Jon Hudson who won a state title the season before last. He was pushed out with no reason stated publicly. Coach Hudson now at Bay.

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