Vibez nightclub re-opens in Panama City after three week closure

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 9:04 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - After a three week hiatus, Vibez Night Club in Panama City announced its re-opening. This comes after management closed their doors on June 1st after an incident at the club a week prior where Panama City Police say a violent riot broke out.

“Vibez does intend to re-open and bring that entertainment back to the community,” New Vibez head of security Tony Bostick said on June 14th at a Panama City commission meeting.

And re-opening is exactly what Vibez Nightclub is doing Thursday after being closed for less than a month.

“Well I’m not really surprised about it,” Panama City resident Craig Skinner said.

Vibez management took to Facebook, posting that the opening comes, “after discussions with local law officials.” The post continues to say, “New rules with possible changes in the future have been put into place due to compromises set among city officials as following:

-25 or older for entry

-Strict dress code enforced — no sagging pants, swimwear, plain t-shirts, jerseys, slippers / slides etc.

-No smoking inside (designated smoking deck in back of venue)

The Panama City Police Department and Caitlin Lawrence, the Public Information Officer for the City of Panama City, declined to go on camera. However, the sent out a joint statement:

“The City of Panama City and its Police Department have not taken any action against Vibez’s business license and the license remains active. The owners of Vibez have elected to make independent decisions regarding their business and business operation. At no time has the City engaged with the owners to either close the business or modify clientele requirements. The City continues to promote all businesses within the City operating within their business license.”

Vibez management also declined to go on camera, but said in a Facebook direct message, “We prefer not to speak with any media as our story has been twisted into many different forms of negativity and false statements as the owners have always cooperated & talked to city officials and law enforcement since the day we’ve opened our doors, but in the news, it says otherwise. If you would like a comment please reach out to our lawyer.”

However, in the Panama City Commission meeting last week, it was also mentioned that Vibez is re-doing their security team.

“Got rid of the old team, obviously it wasn’t effective,” said Bostick on June 14th.

Panama City residents say they have mixed emotions on the re-opening.

“I don’t think that’s good. A lot of the young groups go there, younger than 25 that’s for sure. They’re going to lose out on that one,” Panama City resident Adrian McWilliams said.

“I think anything is an improvement. I think for the reputation, it’s an absolute must because if you don’t set some kind of rules, then you’ll have what happened last time,” said Skinner.

But Vibez’s new head of security said this is their way of showing cooperation with the city.

“Trying to take what you had to say into consideration, and make this an adult-friendly environment,” said Bostick on June 14th.

Vibez on Facebook said they opened Thursday night at 8 P.M.

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