Gulf Coast hosts kids baseball camp

Published: Jul. 11, 2022 at 11:08 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -Call it a mix of fun and some summer baseball instruction. Gulf Coast head coach Tyler Younger and his Gulf Coast Commodores are working this week to dole out some baseball tips. While allowing a several dozen area kids to have some fun learning the game! This the first of three days of the Gulf Coast boys baseball camp taking place this week. And it’s the second of two camps the coach, his staff, and some of the G-C players are hosting for area kids. Though the original plan was to host just one.

”Yeah so we got a camp here Monday through Wednesday, nine to twelve.” coach Younger told me Monday. “It’s six through twelve year olds. We’ve got about 75 kids out here. We’ve got some of our local players working it. They’re teaching them the game. The kids are learning, we’ve got a good thing going. When we ran our first camp, we usually cap them at 75. We got to 75 pretty quick and had a waiting list. So I decided to open it up to a hundred. Then we got to a hundred and had another forty or so on the waiting list after that. So we decided to have another camp. And we’ve got another 75 at this one. So it’s been a great turnout this summer.”

The camp with some instruction and drills in the early part of the morning. Then the kids break into teams and play some games to give the end of each day a competitive vibe. “Yeah so they’re pretty good about taking stuff in.” the coach says. “We take them through some of the basic stuff. Pitching and throwing and catching, field a ground ball. And some of the fundamentals on hitting and base running. And catching a fly ball. We try to keep it pretty basic. But there’s a lot of them that will ask more questions. And I kind of like those guys that are curious to know more.”

And this kind of camp pays off in a variety of ways for the kids, the coach and his program.

“What’s cool about this camp is we actually had a guy in town that we’re connected with, Dr. Aaron Shores, that wanted to, whatever money we made on this camp he wanted to match it with a donation. So for us that was a win-win. One you do a camp that’s good for the community, and have our local players out here helping. And also we’ll get fundraising money from it, so we’re excited about that.”

The camp continues Tuesday and wraps up Wednesday.

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