Mosley summer club wrestling team facing unexpected obstacle this week

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 8:43 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -Call it an unexpected economic obstacle for a contingent of Mosley wrestlers as they prepare to head north to Birmingham for a prestigious summer tournament up there. The coach of “Dolphin Nation”, what the summer wrestling club team calls itself, tells us the team is suddenly facing a serious money issue after booking rooms for that tournament weeks ago through an online site. Only to find out this week that hotel is being condemned, so they can’t stay there!

”Because when we booked about a month ago,” coach Jay Lafountain told me via Zoom Monday “we were looking right around two thousand dollars for the eight rooms that we would need for all the wrestlers. Finding out second hand yesterday that our hotel reservations were going to do us no good, now we have four days until the event to try and find lodging. And trying to find hotels at the same price point four days before a major event is not going very well.”

The coach says they’re looking at an additional two grand, at least, coming out of the pockets of the parents and coaches. And they certainly don’t want to leave any wrestlers behind, because they all worked hard to make this trip!

“We set a price point early in the season, for what we expect the wrestling kids to be able to help pay for.” Lafountain told me. “With it being offseason, and the fundraisers that we’ve been doing so far all summer. And we’ve been at Innovations Credit Union on (Highway) 77 doing a car wash every other weekend to try and raise funds. And we met our goal to be able to go to this tournament. But now this additional two thousand dollar deficit is putting a strangle hold on what we’re looking at being able to do.”

The coach says those wishing to help the team out can search “Dolphin Nation Wrestling Club” on Venmo, PayPal or Cash App and contribute through those apps. The team is hoping to head north Thursday.

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