County officials, parents team up to revitalize Bonifay Rec Center

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 8:17 PM CDT
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HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Kids having the opportunity to play sports is important everywhere, but especially in small towns.

“There’s not a whole lot to do in Holmes County, and baseball is one of those things that occupies kids’ time and keeps them out of trouble,” Holmes County Sheriff John Tate said.

“In a community like this, sports are what kids generally go to, whether it be football, basketball, baseball,” Dixie Youth Board Member and Coach Brett Wilson, Jr. said.

So when someone had to step in to revitalize the Bonifay Rec Center, county officials and parents teamed up to make it happen.

“There was a lot of cleanup, bathroom restoration, odds and ends,” County Coordinator David Corbin said.

“Along with the concession stand, and pressure washing the bleachers and sidewalks and different things,” Tate said.

We’re told this season may not have happened if the county hadn’t gained control of the Rec Center, but, they said it was a successful season.

Local parents and coaches said the improvements to the park made it not only more enjoyable for the kids, but the spectators, too.

“It’s much more enjoyable to not have to worry about stepping on trash from the previous night or even the grass being too high,” Whitney Milburn said.

County Officials said they stepped in to save the park to benefit the kids.

“The board, and myself, that’s our main goal: the kids,” Corbin said.

“It’s the least thing that we could do as a Sheriff’s Office is to help out the community,” Tate said.

Officials say after a successful season, with more kids coming out to play than in previous years, and a few teams even making it to the State Tournament, they plan to keep the park in the best condition possible for years to come.

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