Mosley preparing to open regular season on the road in Orlando Friday

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 9:11 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -The Mosley football team is looking forward to hitting the road for its regular season opener Friday night. Coach Tommy Joe Whiddon and his guys taking on a team out of Pennsylvania with that game set for the Orlando area! The Dolphins prepping for that this week coming off a good performance in their preseason classic this past Friday. The Dolphins beating an overmatched Rutherford team 42-6. Bear in mind the Dolphins are in the 4A classic and the Rams a much smaller 2A team. Even with the big win from a scoreboard standpoint Friday, well coach Whiddon says he and his coaches saw a lot of things to work on when watching the video over the weekend. And that will be a big focus this week!

“You know our message to the team after the game was teams show their most improvement from week one to week two.” coach Whiddon told me Monday via a Zoom call. “So we’re really going to self reflect and try to get those things that we messed up, try to get those cleaned up. Because we’ve got a really good opponent to open up the season week one. Delaware Valley is a really good team up in Pennsylvania. They were a third round playoff team just like we were last year. You know their personnel is a little bit different than ours. If I was to try and give you a reference point, I would say they’re kind of similar to a Wisconsin team. A bunch of big lineman, big backs, they like to really run the football.” The coach continued “They’re a lot of under center, I-formation, they use a lot of two tight end sets. So again it’s gonna be a big challenge for us and our front seven to be able to stop the run. So it will definitely be a different style of play that were used to seeing. But I think it will be a fun match up of two different styles of football. And it’s going to come down to who can kind of impose their style of football on the other football team.”

Opening against a good team, on the road, a long way on the road, well the coach believes this kind of experience might come in handy down the road, say in November during the state playoffs?

“That’s kind of the method to the madness on this.” Whiddon explained. “You know we have high expectations for our football program. We hope by doing this early in the year is an experience that we will be able to draw upon later. Our guys know that we are playing a really good football team. We’re going to have to go down and be able to handle some distractions. And have a laser focus in this process, getting prepared for the game. Because again this is something that we hope that we are able to do later in the year.” The Dolphins were set to play the 4th of four games at Austin Tindall Sports Complex in Kissimmee at 8 o’clock Friday night. The weather forecast has them worried about games getting delayed, so they’ve already made the choice to move that game to Freedom High School on the south side of Orlando with a 7 eastern kick. Coach Whiddon says the team will pack up the bus and head south Thursday.