Local ‘Girls in Aviation Day’ preview

Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 7:18 PM CDT
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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Sheltair Aviation at Northwest Beaches International Airport will be hosting a “Girls in Aviation Day” event on Sept. 24.

“We gather different vendors and different mentors in the aviation industry,” said Nikki Slansky, Customer Service Manager of Sheltair Aviation - ECP. “We gather them on up so we can inspire and encourage young girls to go for a career in aviation or just a hobby in aviation. It’s not just for the boys.”

“Girls in Aviation Day” is a way Sheltair Aviation is encouraging young women to set their sights high in the sky.

Pilot in training Kandy Diaz can attest to it being an exciting adventure so far.

“I do love to fly,” Diaz said. “Being up in the air and flying around and looking down; it’s awesome.”

Diaz said it’s never too late to make a career change, either.

“I had a career change and I want to travel,” Diaz said. “You can do anything at any time in your life.”

It’s not just about climbing on board an aircraft, though.

They’re multiple jobs people can pursue in the industry.

“You can be a mechanic, you can work at the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) like myself,” Slansky said. “You can be a flight attendant.”

Recent reports show the aviation industry is in need of more pilots.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an estimated 14,500 pilots will need to be hired over the next decade.

The mandatory airline pilot retirement age is also 65, which causes more pilots to exit the industry.

Diaz said you should at least try flying if you’re not sure about pursuing it.

“Just come in and do a discovery flight and see if you like it,” Diaz said.

Registration is not required but it is encouraged.

It’ll be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.