Teenagers partying in South Walton leads to arrests

Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 6:36 PM CDT
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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Teenagers are once again congregating and causing trouble in South Walton. Caught on camera are what looks to be hundreds of teens huddled up on Seagrove Beach drinking and fighting.

Cathy Allgood rented a house just a few blocks down from Seaside for the week and said almost every night looked the same, with high school students flooding the beaches.

“We overheard them talking about getting bars of Xanax. Mixing it with alcohol. We saw them carrying handles of fireball and vodka and you name it. They didn’t leave a stone unturned. Those kids were wild,” Allgood said. “Drinking, fighting. You name it.”

Walton County Sheriff’s deputies said they anticipated larger crowds coming this month with students on fall break.

“We increase our staffing. We move our beach units to a later time,” Captain Robert Gray, with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, said.

Allgood called authorities when she saw what was happening.

“They came. They spoke to the kids and they left. It got worse. We called back,” Allgood said.

Deputies said they have written multiple notices to appear for minors in possession.

“The majority of these issues that we have, we have a very quick response to them,” Gray said.

These issues are nothing new for the 30A area. In June, more than 200 kids broke into a Watercolor mansion, threw a raging party, and then posted it all on social media. Just a few months before that, a group of teenagers was caught vandalizing seaside shops.

While deputies said they’re doing what they can, Allgood says it’s not enough. She said she hopes something can be done to stop the next party before it starts.

“There was no recourse at all. It’s unacceptable,” Allgood said.

It’s important to note it’s unclear exactly what was happening in the video. Deputies said there’s a chance the teenagers were following a TikTok trend they’ve been seeing lately called the Oklahoma drill, which is basically kids tackling each other to the ground like football players.

Deputies said they want to bring more attention to issues like this on the beach and they need your help. They’re asking anyone who sees a group or a party getting out of hand not to wait. Call them immediately.

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