Bay District School board makes decision not to rezone schools right now

Published: Oct. 25, 2022 at 10:44 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Mosley high school will not be rezoned for now. Bay district school board members went back and forth on the subject in their meeting Tuesday.

As more people move to our area. local schools are filling up fast and that has led to talks about rezoning.

“Mosley is already at 90 percent capacity which is as high as our board allows us to go,” said Andra Phillips, Director of Student Services for Bay District Schools.

Bay District Schools Board Members spent most of Tuesday’s meeting talking about sending some students from Mosley to other schools that have empty desks.

Some parents spoke out against the rezoning.

“My son one of the 51 students included in the rezoning,” said a parent.

Ultimately board members decided against making that move right now.

Those 51 students from Mosley would be moved to Rutherford or Bay High schools. However, since the rezoning was not approved Tuesday that number will now be larger when the time comes to rezone.

However, there will be school choice, meaning students can chose which school they want to go to if they are being relocated.

“I feel like if our goal is to educate kids, give them a great education and great opportunity to be excellent. Both with academic and extracurricular activities we should be giving kids a greater opportunity to go to Mosley, not less of an opportunity to go to Mosley,” said another parent.

One board member did make a motion in favor of rezoning, but it died for lack of a second. With more neighborhoods popping up zoning will have to be addressed eventually.

“As you look around Panama City you see a lot of growth taking place and it’s now or its going to be in the future, but the work will still have to be done,” said Phillips.

We’re told the board will need to meet sometime in the future to tackle the overcrowding issue.