Jackson County Sheriff adopts Feline Deputy ‘Sniper’

Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 8:12 PM CDT
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MARIANNA, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - When you think of animals in law enforcement, it’s usually K9 officers. However, at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, they’re doing things a little bit differently. Sheriff Donnie Edendfield recently adopted a nine-month old kitten as the office’s “Feline Deputy” named Sniper.

Sniper joined the JCSO team in October. The orange kitten already knows everybody and is making himself feel right at home.

“He’s going to be a cop cat, he’s got to stay in shape,” said Sheriff Edenfield.

Sniper stays very active throughout the day and night. You can find him roaming the halls of the sheriff’s office in Marianna, playing with his stuffed bear and even loves to climb in the office Christmas Tree.

Feline Deputy "Sniper" climbs the JCSO Christmas Tree.
Feline Deputy "Sniper" climbs the JCSO Christmas Tree.(Jackson County Sheriff's Office)

“He loves live plants and he loves Christmas trees too. We found that out today,” said Sheriff Edenfield.

And hard works requires rest. Which is also a favorite past-time for Sniper. You can find him napping on various desks, chairs or his very own cat tree.

But this deputy cat is here thanks to Sheriff Edenfield’s weekly pet spotlight with the Partners for Pets Shelter in Marianna.


“Last week she brought a cat and a dog, and when she let the cat out of the box it was this one. And he immediately ran around greeting everyone,” said Edenfield.

So a few employees fell in love and convinced the sheriff to let him join the force.

“Really he likes to say that we did it but deep down he really wanted this cat,” said Ramsey Romero, Public Information Coordinator for JCSO. “So us egging him on really just pushed him over the edge.”

But for the Sheriff, it’s all about brightening up days. Which is especially important when you wear the badge.

“Sometimes it can be a stressful situation. So to have a cat run up and jump into your lap will sort of make things better,” said Sheriff Edenfield.

Also, Sniper’s new high profile gig also raises awareness for other shelter pets.

“Rescue pets are the greatest. They give love unconditionally,” said Edenfield.

If you would like to learn more about Partners for Pets, click here.