Student Athlete of the Week: Cai McLaughlin

Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 10:09 PM CST
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Cai McLaughlin has been locked in whether it’s high school soccer, high school classes, or even college classes.

Mclaughlin is a senior at Bay who’s been kicking it and killing it in school and on the pitch.

“Cai is an excellent student on an everyday basis,” said Bay Head Coach Mike Chrivia. “He’s also a leader on our team, he’s one of our captains.”

He currently has a 4.0 high school GPA and a 3.4 college GPA as Cai is working through a dual enrollment program. He says it’s his experience in soccer that helps him push through.

“It’s just the best sport of course,” McLaughlin said. “You learn a lot of discipline from it I think and drive. You just have to learn drive for soccer because of how much running you do and how physical it is.”

Cai believes in the saying " I do anything, like I do everything” and his coach has seen nothing but growth from him because of it.

“He has stepped up ten-fold from where he was last year.” said Coach Chrivia.

“I’ve just kind of learned that in all things in life, you just have to carry over your mindset to all apsects. Because if I work hard in one, in one place, I need to work hard in the other.” Cai said.

A lot of Cai’s success comes from a strong internal will and positive environment.

“I think he’s got a really solid foundation at home. I think his parents really push him and drive him forward in life.” Chrivia said.

“Just the goal and the drive to do well in everything that I do.” Cai said.

The other part of the success comes from the sheer smarts Cai possesses.

“He is absolutely a successful kid.”

“I want to do chemical engineering. Chemistry is just my favorite subject. I’ve taken it the last couple years in college, and then engineering my mind just kind of works that way with math and stuff, so why not use it.” Cai said.

While chemical engineer may be a couple years away, one thing’s for certain.

“He sets the standard for the other players, not only in the classroom but on the soccer field as well.”

He’s definitely the right variable in the Bay Tornado formula.

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