Bozeman Agriculture Department Holds How to Raise A Chicken Workshop

Published: Jan. 21, 2023 at 10:55 PM CST
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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The price of eggs are increasing, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Reports the average cost of eggs was $3.25 in December.

With all the “eggflation”, the Agriculture Department at Deane Bozeman decided to host a chicken workshop, in case anyone was interested in raising their own chickens to save a few bucks.

“Now days with the price of eggs going up, its always wise to have a backup plan,” Marianna Broussard, a class attendee, said.

Thanks to the Future Farmers of America at Bozeman, that back up plan is possible.

“It’s really hard for people to get eggs now days because they have been raised up to like seven, eight dollars a carton,” said Brook Cutchin, and member of the FFA.

At the workshop, FFA members explained the entire process of raising a chicken, from its first day as a chick, to when it is ready to lay eggs; which members explained takes a while.

“About a month of egg laying and you’ll have perfect eggs,” said Cutchin. “Probably about three years for consistent eggs.”

Cutchin said chickens will typically lay one egg a day. Those with the agriculture department explain just one of the benefits of raising your own chickens is saving money.

“You can sell the eggs yourself so it’s a source on income, as well as not having to buy eggs at the grocery store itself,” said Cutchin.

Experts said by owning your own chickens, you know what they’re eating and doing every day.

“You know everything about where your eggs are coming from,” said Cutchin.

One attendee told us that she is now considering buying chickens in the future.

“Oh absolutely, it’s something that is so unique to have in your own home,” said Mari Vaughn, a class attendee.

Marianna Broussard says she uses eggs regularly at home, but with the high prices.

“You kind of have to determine do you want eggs, or do you not want eggs and you need something else,” said Broussard.

Those are the tough decisions many people are having to make every time they walk through the door of a grocery store.

If you want to start raising your own chickens, you have to start off by getting chicks. Chick Day is where you can buy them. The Tractor Supply in Panama City will hold a chick day around February 20th. That way you can purchase the chicks and start raising them.