Student Athlete of the Week: Hayden Revels

Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 9:43 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Our Walborsky, Bradley and Fleming Student Athlete of the Week takes our focus up to the baseball diamond at Holmes high school and a senior first baseman there who suffered a serious setback in the Devils title run last season but has come back to make his senior year count!

Hayden Revels has been playing baseball since he can remember. He just finds pure joy in it.

“Get up there and mash one. Baseball is one of those deals where I just like to get out here with my buddies, have a good time, win some baseball games, just compete at the game.”

Baseball isn’t the only place Hayden is having a good time. He’s out here mashing and competing in the classroom just the same.

“I get in there, study, work hard, make good grades. Got to make the parents happy. You know our coaches at the school just drive us to do good in the classroom, they always have. They won’t let us practice if we don’t do good, won’t let us play, all that stuff.”

Being on the field with his team is a big priority for Revels because he knows what’s it like to not be. Last year, Holmes won the State Title, but Hayden was over at UAB dealing with an arm injury.

“It was fun, like it was great watching them play, it was awesome watching them win it but at the same time you’re like “dang, I wish I could’ve been down there, been there with them to win it.”

Since, Hayden has fully recovered from the blood clot in his shoulder and has been on the field every minute this season inspiring his teammates.

“Try to teach them to be tough in all situations, compete every chance you get, that’s pretty much how I play the game. Not the best at it but I try to be the toughest.”

Hayden has already gone through a “last athletic season” this year as he was a defensive end for Holmes this past fall, so he understands cherishing each of his last moments.

“Yeah, I’ve really just been thinking I want to lay it all out there on the field, I don’t want any regrets. You know, get out there and give it my all.”

His all is pretty good, he currently leads the Blue Devils with a .243 batting average, 7 RBIs driven in and a 3.11 ERA, so this might not be his last season after all.

Hayden hasn’t decided on what college to attend but says he’s interested in studying construction management.