Sheriffs team up to help Hosford tornado victims

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 4:43 PM CDT
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HOSFORD, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Recent, steady rain is making tornado cleanup harder for people in Hosford who are still living with tarps on their roofs.

The Liberty County Sheriff says local businesses, churches, and generous people across the Panhandle have given so much help, but there’s still work to do.

Nearly a month after an EF-2 tornado hit Hosford, people are still coming home to damage.

That’s one reason two sheriffs are teaming up to raise money.

Franklin and Liberty counties announced a joint GoFundMe campaign Tuesday.

Liberty Sheriff Buddy Money says about 100 people were impacted in the April 27th storm, with about 20 homes damaged.

“You’re seeing blue tarps everywhere and now we’re getting rain almost every day and its real heavy rain. It’s not just a light drizzle, so you don’t know how much damage is being done on the inside of the home,” he said.

Sheriff Money also says many people didn’t have homeowner’s insurance because they had to choose between buying that, or other necessities, like food.

Franklin County Sheriff AJ Smith says many who did have insurance struggle to pay the deductibles necessary to start repairs.

Between local businesses, churches, and people across the Panhandle, both sheriffs say they’re thankful for the help they’ve gotten so far.

“The state and federal government need to step up, even if it’s a small disaster like this, small matters. We are small counties,” Sheriff Smith exclaims.

“Nothing comes here to the small county, which you know, we’re not a rich county. We’re a hardworking county. A lot of people go to work and make ends meet every day,” said Sheriff Money.

He also says no donation is too small and he welcomes whatever you can give because he says it will help the people suffering.

Sheriff Smith says bringing awareness to the campaign will help too.

“Share it as many times you can, you know, let’s make this thing because there’s people in other states that will give,” Sheriff Smith added.

He says using the joint campaign or Franklin County Sheriff’s foundation designed for things like this, ensures your money is going to local people.

Liberty County is looking to create a similar foundation.