North Bay Haven Getting Set to Take 8 To USA Weightlifting Nationals

Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 9:33 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Over at Panama City CrossFit, eight members of the North Bay Haven weightlifting team are preparing to travel to this year’s USAW nationals.

These 8 lifters, 6 female and 2 male, all had high enough qualifying totals at the end of the high school season, meaning their total weight lifted across their two lifts was high enough for an invite to the national competition.

“Since it’s by a qualifying total, a lot. That qualifying total changes year to year so every year it increases, since the athletes are getting better. And most of the kids that we have competing for this, it’s the first time they’ve gotten a taste of USAW, or U-S-A-W. So to make a qualifying total in year first year, at the level they’re going to, is amazing”, said Head Coach Aaron Pailee.

It’s both cool and maybe nerve racking for these Bucs. This is the first time any of them are getting to participate in, or even travel to an event like this.

So there’s a focus on lifting, but also on enjoying the experience.

“Most of the kids we have competing for this, it’s the first time they’ve every really gotten a taste of USAW or U-S-A-W. Just like in every other meet, you have to figure out your athlete and what they want to work with. I will tell you, the best thing to do is, literally confidence and comfortability have to meet together in order to produce the meet you want for that athlete”, Pailee said.

“Like I’m nervous, but also, like I don’t know, I’ve never traveled anywhere so this, being a weightlifting meet and traveling at the same time is, like amazing because I’ve never been anywhere so it’s an overall new experience. And I just love lifting so I’m glad I get to go”, said North Bay Haven Junior and Nationals Qualifier, Gillian Peaden.

That Nation Event out in Colorado Springs this year and will begin Saturday June 24th.