Bay’s Bowman is this week’s Walborsky, Bradley and Fleming Student Athlete of the Week

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 9:48 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - ”We tell the kids all the time, when your best players are you hardest workers and the best in the classroom and your best character guys, you got a chance to be pretty good and Trevor is all those things.” Those the words of Bay head football coach Jeremy Brown, as he describes Trevor Bowman. Trevor is the definition of a “do-it-all” player for the Bay Tornadoes. He’s a receiver, a quarterback, a defensive back and a kick returner. That’s an overwhelming amount of game day prep.

”You know it’s a lot of hard work,” Bowman says “watching a lot of film, keeping my mind right, focusing on the right things so I can get my job done. It’s a lot but when you just play and don’t think about it, it just comes to you.”

“He’s one of our best players,” adds coach Brown “he’s one of our two-way starters, plays the quarterback, he does it all for us. To be able to do all of that for us and have over a 4.0 in the classroom is pretty impressive.” But playing all over doesn’t bother Trevor. He’s used to moving around. You see, Trevor is originally from Alaska and moved down here to give him a better chance at moving to the next level. “For more exposure” he says “because down in Alaska, you don’t get much exposure so guys that are better than the average person, come down to like lower 48s to get more exposure, so they can go to college.” Since Trevor is everywhere for Bay’s team, he takes a little bit more pride in his role as a leader on and off the field, since everyone sees him. “All credit to my parents, my parents raised me right. They told me, school comes first, then athletics. In the classroom, you’ve got to study, you’ve got to work hard and on the field, you’ve got to study, work hard.” “He takes pride in what he’s doing in the classroom.” says Brown “He was a guy this summer that every time he got ready to go to a camp, he was texting me about, “coach, can you send me my transcript... you know coach, I may not be able to be in this weightlifting class this year because I have to take this upper level class”, just a lot of pride in his grades.” With college coming up next year, Trevor doesn’t know where he’s going to go yet but he knows he wants to be on the field when he gets there. “He has aspirations of going to college and playing football.” Brown says “We want to do everything on our end to give him good film, to have success.” “You know, just going out there Saturday, you know, playing in front of, depending on if I’m D1, you know playing in front of thousands of fans. Just that feeling, there’s nothing like it.” says the Bay senior. News Channel 7′s Student of the Week is Sponsored by Walborsky, Bradley and Fleming.