Panama City Rescue Mission requesting donations

Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 10:37 PM CST
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Monday evening The Panama City Rescue Mission held a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Men’s Facility Cafeteria located at 609 Allen Avenue in Panama City.

The feast, which was sponsored by the Holmes Valley Church, was open to members of the community in need.

Dozens of men, women and children gathered at the facility and received not only a meal but a message.

Jimmy Schweinsverg is a member of the Holmes Valley Church. He said there is no greater gift than knowing that Jesus Christ is lord and savior.

“It’s like we told them tonight,” Schweinsverg said. “We can feed your bellies and that’s great, but you know that’s small in comparison to what God wants for you, what God intends for your life.”

As the holidays approach members of the mission are turning to the community now more than ever.

Panama City Rescue Mission Executive Director Ross Clemons said the assistance from the community is what enables the rescue mission to continue serving.

“Last number I checked there were 339 homeless that we know of living out in the woods in Bay County,” Clemons said. “If you change the definition to how many folks don’t have a permanent residence that are kind of just couch surfing that’s 119. That’s a lot of folks in our community that are hurting.”

The mission is requesting the following donations: monetary, clothing (casual and work attire for both men and women), and health food items including meats and starches.

The non-profit organization was founded in 1973 by Frank A. Kirk and is committed to Christ-centered rescue, recovery, and restoration by equipping the homeless with the skills and knowledge they need to transform their lives.

Currently, the rescue mission has 50 beds at the men’s facility located at 609 Allen Avenue and 35 beds at the women’s facility located at 1313 East 11th Street.

The non-profit has yet to open at full capacity due to staffing and financial shortages.

The Panama City Rescue Mission plans to host a Christmas dinner for those in need but is seeking a sponsor for the event.

To donate to the organization or become a sponsor visit The Panama City Rescue Mission website.