PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The St. Andrews area is undergoing a revitalization after damage from Hurricane Michael, more than three years ago.

Popular restaurants like Captain’s Table Fish House restaurant are reopening and expected to grow the area even more.

“It’s a staple of the community,” Christopher Markel of Merchant Management Group said. “It’s something that we’re looking forward to see grow, and just bring back a revitalization to the St. Andrews area, something that we’re expecting to see just continue to progress further and further.”

It was almost four years ago when Hurricane Michael devastated the community, and damaged many buildings in the area. Businesses like Panama City Publishing Company and Museum had to close its doors.

“Our roof came off and we had to replace the floor in here,” Lisa Barnes-Tapscott of Panama City Publishing Company said. “Just as we were reopening again, COVID hit. So, it’s been a long three years.”

But local business owners are looking at the glass half full. They say major setbacks, also mean major comebacks.

“We’ve seen such a growth in just the population as well as the business growth,” Markel said. “It’s an unprecedented scale, we can’t imagine it being any better.”

With businesses like Captain’s Table reopening, growth is only the beginning.

Opportunities are also available for the public, Captain’s being a prime example, as they are looking to hire more people.

“It’s going to be much more of a cultured area, you’re going to have much more to do,” Markel said. “People are going to see much more of an entertainment-themed based, you’re going to see businesses open up to a more of a diversified way of looking at how to do business.”

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