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Grayson Jarvis joins WJHG as a meteorologist and reporter.

Grayson Jarvis joins WJHG as a meteorologist and reporter.

Grayson was born in Boston, and moved to the Mount Vernon area of Northern Virginia when he was young. His fascination with weather was sparked in 2003, when he experienced a hurricane for the first time during Hurricane Isabel. He graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 2014, and decided to go to school in a state where he could learn the most about hurricanes - right here in Florida!

He attended the University of Florida, graduating in the summer of 2018 with a Bachelor's in Telecommunications News as well as a Certificate in Meteorology and Climatology, and is currently pursuing a Master's in Applied Meteorology through Mississippi State. While at school, Grayson was a TV and radio reporter for WUFT-TV and WUFT-FM, the PBS and NPR affiliates in Gainesville. He also became a forecaster for the UF Weather Center and the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. His greatest achievement in college came in September 2017, when he was a member of the FPREN team that provided over 50 hours of nonstop coverage to millions of people throughout the state as Hurricane Irma moved up the peninsula. As a reporter, he has covered events ranging from the 2016 presidential election, a shooting at an area high school, and a number of investigative pieces, including an investigation into FEMA and where local tax dollars were going after severe weather events.

Upon graduation, Grayson worked as a meteorologist and reporter at WETM in Elmira, New York; a small city upstate. While he enjoyed learning how to forecast winter weather (as well as having the opportunity to fill in as a meteorologist in Buffalo), the opportunity to come back to his adopted home in the Sunshine State was too good of an opportunity to pass up, especially after a winter with wind chills as low as -30 degrees!

Grayson is incredibly excited to get to know the people of the Panhandle and to join such a talented team, as well as getting to know all the fishing spots along the Emerald Coast!

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