Move into New Bay Medical Building Goes Seamlessly

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Panama City - The new patient tower at Bay Medical Center has been hosting patents for a few days now and so far, so good.

The tower features 144 state of the art private patient rooms, a new intensive care unit and a new surgery wing. The transition is said to have gone seamlessly for both patients and staff.

It certainly did for Cynthia Adams, one of the first patients moved into Bay Medical's new patient tower.

"You know like when you buy a new car, you have good smell. It was like that. It was all brand new. You knew you was coming to something brand new," said Adams.

Adams was admitted into the older building Thursday night and moved into the new general surgery wing Friday and she's been thoroughly impressed.

"They got the coolest thing on the beds. You don't even have to move from the bed. You can turn the lights on and off, they got the call button. I mean it's 21st century," said Adams.

General Surgery Department Manager, Sheila Tison has worked at Bay Medical for thirty years. She says the most significant change is the amount of space in each patient room.

"To go from semi-private rooms with very limited space to provide care to single rooms, very spacious not only for the care give but for the patient. That is just phenomenal," said Tison.

Eighty percent of the rooms in the older building were semi-private. With private rooms, all beds will always be open whereas before, they would have to block a bed if a patient required isolation.

Providing special accommodations for family members is one of Bay Medical’s Top priorities. Each patient room features a couch that easily converts into a bed so family members can stay.

"If your family is not comfy, then your patients certainly not because they worry about them," said Tison.

There are also family waiting areas on every level so visitors don't have to wait in the hall while the patient is receiving care.

Patients are also raving about the food. The Garden Cafe opened on Wednesday and the hospital is now serving gourmet food.

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