Breast Reconstruction

"Every woman should deserve to have beautiful breasts and that includes even after mastectomy.

Dr. Adil Ceydeli knows how important a woman's self esteem is for them to feel whole.

When cancer claims a woman's breast, her self esteem can take quite a blow. That's why many decide on reconstruction.

There are basically two options that we can offer to patients who've had mastectomy or will have mastectomy, either using tissue extenders or implants to reconstruct what they lost or using part of their own tissue that we call flap reconstruction or another type of reconstruction.

Dr. Ceydeli also works with a patient to find out the best time for reconstruction.

“Immediate reconstruction with advances in general surgery, the team removes the breast and at the same time once they are done. I can go and reconstruct the breast in the same setting. That's if the patient is healthy.”

It increases the anesthesia time quite a bit but a lot of times they won't even feel or see that they've lost something because the reconstruction will look really natural.

However, if a patient is having to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, that could put off reconstruction for a while.

In that case they're going through a few more steps of therapy. It may be better to close everything and let them heal and be comfortable and down the road a few months later do delayed reconstruction.

There are multiple options and each has advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the patient.

Dr. Ceydeli says he's learned a few tricks during his years in medicine and he has the techniques that can help your breasts look and feel very natural.

If you have questions about any type of breast surgery, Dr. Ceydeli will be holding a free seminar Tuesday January 22 at the Bay Medical office building auditorium at 5:00. To reserve your space, call 747-6541.

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