2019 legislative recap for Hurricane Michael bills

Published: May. 3, 2019 at 9:48 PM CDT
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Florida's 2019 legislative session is wrapping up, so we decided to search how many bills have been filed pertaining to Hurricane Michael recovery.

The answer? More than 80.

Of those, the only one to get the green light was Bill SR 1844: Federal Disaster Relief and Recovery. It's a Senate resolution--a message sent from the Florida Senate to Congress urging them to pass a federal supplemental disaster relief bill.

Another bill worth noting was SB 520: Funding for school districts. After the hurricane, many schools saw a drop in students which translates to a decrease in funding. The bill would "hold districts harmless" meaning, instead of funding being cut it would ensure funding continue to schools as normal.

Senator Montford who filed the bill said in part, "This funding from the Florida Legislature will ensure our impacted districts are fully funded as they navigate the long and difficult process to rebuild."

It is now in an appropriations subcommittee on education.

Lastly, there's bill CS/HB 7123: Taxation. The bill offers tax reductions specifically to small counties. Representative Jay Trumbull tells us as it stands, the bill would create a $144 million reduction in taxes that will be paid for the year 2019-2020.

But as lawmakers prepare for the end of the session, there's one thing left on the agenda.

"We will pass our budget out tomorrow [Saturday], about two o'clock-ish eastern time tomorrow, and that'll be hundreds of millions of dollars to the Panhandle which is really great," said Trumbull.

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