30A traffic study moves forward

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - 30A may soon see a new outlet road to Highway 98.

Tuesday, Walton County commissioners approved to move forward with a traffic study.

The study would lay out the nuts and bolts of new road possibilities, such as cost, environmental impacts, and how long it would take.

The decision wasn't made without some people speaking up about one of the possible options which would run a road along a power line access through the state park and forest.

"You have the sports park that was mentioned, you have the school and yes it's a matter of convenience but its also a matter of taking people off of 30A during the most congested times," supporter of power line road, Dave Rauschkolb said.

"Just realize you've got to stop development because its highly unlikely you're going to get a road through the forest and parks," Celeste Cobena, who is against proposed power line road said.

No decision was made on whether a road will be constructed, the board only approved to fund the traffic study.