First driver's education class in nearly a decade completes course

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WECP/WECP) - It's been nearly a decade since the last time Bay District Schools offered a driver's education course and now the first class since then is ready to get their licenses.

The three week course exposed the students to classroom driving scenarios and then actual driving on a closed course. The highlight of the driving course was driving a specially equipped car provided by the Bay County Sheriff's Office that gave students real life experiences at slow, safe speeds.

Once students completed that they were presented with certificates and documentation that qualified them to get their licenses.

Xander Thomasee, a North Bay Haven student said, "With how dangerous the road can be now it was, this program, was very valuable and it's worth the money being spent on the program."

"I feel like it makes them better drivers if they're prepared for things that happen. The kids know now from taking this course that there are unknowns on the road. Things happen in a split second, you have to make decisions quick behind the wheel," added Driving Instructor Beverly Barron.

Two additional teachers will be certified next school year with hopes of doubling the number of classes available to the students next summer.