Jackson County upgrades voting machines for primary elections

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MARIANNA. Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Jackson County, along with others counties across the state, is getting things ready for the primary elections on Tuesday.

"Over 4,000 early voted and then we have over 2,000 that voted by mail," said Sylvia Stephens, Supervisor of Elections in Jackson County. It was a big turn out for Jackson County with early voting. Now poll workers have turned their focus to preparing for the primary elections.

"Today [Monday] is just getting preparation," said Stephens.

Workers in Jackson County are picking up supplies and voting machines are making their way to precincts around the county. "They have to check all the seals, sign off on it, check how many ballots they got because we have a ballot accounting form," said Stephens.

Stephens says that Jackson County will be using a new system that will help ensure voter security and accuracy at the polls. "It's called the DS200," said Stephens, "It's basically an upgrade from the M100 that we had for about 13 years."

The new machine uses optical scan technology to read paper ballots. It also has a USB port to make tabulation easier. Security is also an upgraded feature on the machines.

"It's not hooked up to the internet," said Stephens. "It's a stand alone equipment so therefore it's pretty reliable and can't be hacked into."

With the new machines in place Stephens says she hopes things will run smoothly throughout what is expected to be a busy day on Tuesday.