Local food pantry finding ways to feed people despite low donations

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - One local food pantry is low on donations for the summer and they're asking the public for help.

Officials with the Panama City Rescue Mission in downtown Panama City say they have a lot fewer donations this summer compared to last. Officials say lower donations are expected as many families have added costs and expenses during these months.

During the holiday season is when workers with the mission say they see the most donations. They say that's when people are typically in the "spirit of giving." Last summer the Rescue Mission was able to hold an event called Family Food Friday. The event allowed the mission to supply families with boxes of food to take home. This summer they won't be able to do that because of the low donations.

Despite this, the Rescue Mission has to find other ways to feed the people who rely on them for help. They've partnered with locals churches in the area.

"We have two very large food pantries here in the area, First Baptist Church and Grace Presbyterian. We highly encourage people to go there," Lisa Nixon Mabry, Communications Coordinator for the mission said, "First Baptist Church is just around the corner from us and they have very large food pantries where people can go and receive those services."

Workers with the Rescue Mission say although donations may be slowing down they will still offer a free dinner for the public everyday, something they do throughout the year.

The Rescue Mission has plans to introduce a new, but equivalent service next year that will replace the Family Food Fridays.