Local attorney arrested for allegedly passing contraband to jail inmates

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A local attorney is having to defend himself after Bay County deputies say he snuck contraband to inmates.

Tuesday, Bay County deputies arrested attorney Greg Wilson on charges of perjury and introduction of contraband into a detention facility.

Attorney Al Sauline worked with Wilson at the State Attorney's office in the past.

"We as lawyers are trusted that we're not going to assist in violating Florida law," Sauline said.

Deputies say at a meeting inside the jail, Wilson took a small package from an inmate.

Later, another inmate entered the room and Wilson allegedly passed the package to that inmate.

"Well, he still is innocent until proven guilty and he has a right to his day in court, but it's sad to see a member of the legal community be accused of something that serious," Sauline said.

Deputies say an inmate told them Wilson passed them cologne-soaked business cards approximately six times to give to other female inmates so they could have the smell of a man in their cell.

"Something's not right when you're bringing business cards that are sprayed with cologne into a jail," Sauline said. "Either someone is trying to create some sort of relationship with an inmate or maybe they're covering up another scent or something, but that just doesn't pass the common sense test."

Sneaking in contraband is a third-degree felony. Law enforcement tell us all parties involved could be charged.

"If you don't control the contraband inside of a jail facility you're not gonna be able to provide a safe environment for your staff or for the inmates," Major Rick Anglin, Warden at the Bay County Jail said.

Contraband is defined as anything that hasn't been specifically authorized for an inmate.

It also includes authorized items that have been altered or modified.

A spokesperson with the Florida Bar Association told us Wilson will have to notify the Bar of a judgment of guilt, guilty plea, or a plea of no contest to any criminal charge.

We made a call to Wilson's office and it was not returned.

His attorney told us they didn't want to comment.

Deputies say during a statement, Wilson denied any involvement in the passing of contraband to inmates, but deputies also say they have the act caught on camera.