Bay County League of Women Voters hosts forum on health care

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Americans have a little more than a week to sign up for health insurance provided through the Affordable Care Act.

The Bay County League of Women Voters hosted a forum to give locals an in depth review of the ACA.

Florida is leading all other states when it comes to the amount of people signing up for health care through the Affordable Care Act.

"It's very confusing for people to even follow it, to know what's going on. So we just wanted to give a little summary of the impact of some of the executive orders President Trump has signed," Cecile Scoon, President of the Bay County League of Women Voters said.

The League hosted its forum Wednesday at the Bay County Public Library. Organizers invited area health care professionals to give some insight.

"Open enrollment dates are stressed because usually it is 90 days and people have a choice to register or sign up from November through the end of January," Shelley Berry, a licensed navigator for 90Works said. "This year because of the 90 percent in funding cuts from the current administration we are now limited to 45 days."

The deadline to sign up for health care through the website is December 15th.

Extensions will be allowed for certain life events like getting married, divorced, or having a baby.

"If they have had medical bills in the past three months sometimes that they can't afford to pay, that sometimes will allow them an extension," Berry explained.

The group also discussed making sure people ask their pharmacist whether the co-pay for a prescription is higher than the cash price. They say sometimes paying cash can save you money.