Local man hands out blankets and clothes to keep the homeless warm

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - For the homeless, another night of cold weather can mean another night of a terrible sleep outdoors.

However, the cold can really bring out the best in people.

One man is doing his part by handing out some added protection for winter's wrath.

It's no secret it's been colder than usual this week in our area of the Panhandle. In front of McDonald's on Harrison Avenue, the homeless sometimes gather.

Wednesday, Raymond Frazier made it his mission to hand out blankets, shoes, clothes, and hats to the homeless people he saw in Panama City. He also helped to feed them.

"I was just riding around and saw a few people outside and I wondered if they had any place to stay tonight. We usually don't have temperatures like this for a week straight," Frazier said.

Frazier and his friend Sarah Mills handed out the items they collected.

"This is just him, every holiday he's always doing something. He's always reminding others if they can give, to please give," Mills said.

"We're just trying to do a good thing in the community, help out where we can," Frazier explained.

If you want to donate clothes, send an email to SarahMilly00N@gmail.com or RaymondFrazier12@gmail.com.

Also, if you need somewhere to stay, the Panama City Rescue Mission is providing a warm place to sleep for men.