Reager trial reaches day three, Coast Guardsmen testify

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Some members of the United States Coast Guard were called to testify in court Thursday and recount events from almost two and a half years ago.

The trial of Samuel Reager continued inside the Bay County Courthouse. The attempted murder case centers around FWC officer David Brady, who was shot in 2015.

At least three Coast Guard members were questioned by defense attorneys on their handling of evidence. The guardsmen described what evidence they noticed in the water at the crime scene.

One of the men said he found spent and unspent rounds in the sailboat while securing it to the U.S. Coast Guard vessel. Another talked about noticing the FWC boat circling in the water and hearing someone in the water yell that shots had been fired.

Later, a crime scene investigator took the stand to talk about the sailboat that was taken in for evidence. The defense pressed that investigator about whether he thought it was a mistake to move the boat from its original location.

The investigator responded saying that was done to preserve evidence because of the stormy weather that day.

Petty Officer First Class Mauro Desa with the United States Coast Guard testified about the condition of Brady when they found him in the water.

"There was blood from his collarbone area, base of his neck towards his shoulder, and arm there was a concave area on his shoulder where you could see that something had pierced that flesh and it was dark brown and bleeding," Desa said, "slight trickle from his mouth. I'm not sure of the source."

If convicted, Reager could face up to life in prison.