Do you know what your child is doing online?

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - With just a click your child could be talking to a sexual predator online, without you or your child even knowing about it.

Panama City Beach Police hosted an event called "Parents Against Predators" to teach parents about internet safety.

Tuesday at Mosley High School, Beach Police invited parents and their kids to an online danger seminar.

Parents learned about anonymous posting apps like Kik and "Afterschool." They also learned about vault apps which contain hidden areas to store photos or text messages.

Parents we spoke with say all parents should be informed about these potentially harmful social media apps.

"[Phone apps] can deceive you and they can be listed on a child's phone as one thing, but be completely something different," said parent Samantha Barnes.

"We've already been through it one time with our 17-year-old when she was much younger. We made the mistake of getting her a cellphone too early," said parent Will Coffey. "We were uneducated and she was uneducated about the whole thing and a predator came after her."

At the beginning of the seminar kids handed over their cellphones to their parents while they went into another room to learn about the effects of bullying.

Police encouraged parents to go through and delete anonymous posting apps from their kid's phones.

Panama City Beach Police say anonymous apps like "AfterSchool" can often include bullying messages, pornography, and alcohol or drug references.