Bay County League of Women Voters hosts debate on gun control

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Monday the Bay County League of Women Voters hosted a debate about gun control and gun safety.

The debate was held at the Student Union East on the campus of Gulf Coast State College in Panama City.

Organizers say they wanted to give those in attendance a look at both sides of the issue of gun reform.

Two debaters gave arguments for having less gun control and more gun control.

Both spoke in front of a crowd of about 60 people.

Topics covered things like the hardening of schools, mental health, and semi-automatic weapons.

"There are reasonable restrictions that are accommodated under the Second Amendment, they are consistent with the second amendment," Alvin Peters, who debated for more restrictions on guns said, "the right to hunt, or self defense, that can still allow for restrictions on semi-automatic weapons and on the large capacity magazines."

"I think it's important to really look at all the facts to the story and always side on the side of individual liberty and Second Amendment rights as opposed to trying to legislate away tragedies," Tho Bishop, who debated against further gun restrictions said.

Law enforcement was invited to attend the debate so others could hear their perspective on the issue, however, organizers say they didn't show.

The President of the Association of Bay County Educators was also on hand to talk about the idea of arming teachers inside classrooms.

At the end of the debate the audience wrote down questions they wanted to ask the two debaters.