Scuba divers help with sunken wreck clean up

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - You could say some local divers did some deep cleaning on World Oceans Day.

Divers from Gulf World and Diver's Den met at the Captain Anderson's Marina Friday to head out into the Gulf of Mexico.

"We're gonna go find a couple of shipwrecks and we're gonna do a wreck clean up," Brian Robinson, store manager at Diver's Den said.

The first wreck the group took on was a sunken tugboat, but to get to it they had to go through the St. Andrews Pass and into the open water.

The divers dove into the Gulf once they reached the sunken boat, about six miles from the marina.

Divers submerged about 70 feet underwater to look for trash and debris at the wreck.

Items they normally find are beer bottles, cameras, sunglasses, and wallets.

"Trash wise, it's typically plastics that people bring out that are holding their snacks or their drinks and either they're a little bit careless and they leave it on the boat and it blows out into the Gulf," Robinson explained, "or unfortunately some people have chosen to throw stuff overboard."

Friday the group didn't find much trash.

Officials with Diver's Den say that's likely because they frequent these wrecks and clean them whenever they're able to.

"The majority of the shipwreck was cleaned up by prior divers but we did find loose fishing line," Robinson said. "We found some debris like parts of equipment that people have had, cameras break, and different diving items and their pieces are left on the shipwreck."

Officials with Diver's Den tell us marine animals like sea turtles and dolphins can be harmed from getting entangled or swallowing plastic items.