Police officer goes viral for shaving homeless man trying to get job

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- In a video that's going viral on Facebook, you can see a Tallahassee, Florida police officer shaving a man's face. Those with the police department said Officer Tony Carlson was helping the man, named Phil, who said he was trying to get a job at McDonald's.

"He seemed excited about it. I said, 'If he's willing to help himself, then I need to help him out as best I can,'" Carlson said.

Carlson doesn't feel like he did anything spectacular. In fact, he wishes he could have done more.

"This happens all the time. It just so happens that this time, someone caught it on film. Officers all over the place are always doing things like this that don't get the attention this happened to get," Carlson said.

The officer just finished responding to a call when Phil asked him for help. He said he needed a clean-shaven face to get the job, but he couldn't figure out how to use the razor. Carlson fixed the razor that was missing a screw and helped clean him up.

Officer Carlson hopes whoever watches the video is encouraged to pay it forward.

"I think it shows the reality of what we actually do. I like to think of us more as peace officers first, law enforcement officers second. You go to a scene and you try to resolve it with a positive ending and something that's going to last," Carlson said.

The officer has over 20 years of service, but said he's never gotten this kind of attention before. He said he's not quite sure how to handle it.

"He thought it was the best thing in the world," Carlson said about Phil. "One of his comments was, 'You should be a barber!'"

Carlson plans on checking in with Phil later this week to see if he got the job.

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