850Strong Student of the Week

Sedona Focht is going above and beyond inside and outside the classroom. She is this week's...
Sedona Focht is going above and beyond inside and outside the classroom. She is this week's 850Strong Student of the Week. (WJHG/WECP)(WJHG)
Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 4:34 PM CST
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Sedona Focht is a senior at Port Saint Joe High School. She is the student government president, and she takes weekly classes at Gulf Coast State College.

Sedona has a passion for animals and helping those in need. This passion on clear display after Hurricane Michael.

Sedona said, "We went down Saint Joe Beach and gave out different supplies, water, food, those kind of canned goods."

Sedona saw the impact Hurricane Michael had on her community, and decided to bring something special to the students at her school.

Sedona said, "We realized that Halloween isn't going to be something the students would be able to have, so we called the businesses that were still kind of, kind of on their feet a little bit, and we got each of the clubs that were within the school together and we were able to make a Halloween type of event."

Sedona spent her days after the hurricane giving back, truly showing the spirit of 850Strong.

Sedona said, "This is what makes a community, this is the type of coming together sitting down and being selfless and being able to give out your time and anything that you had because I know that even though my house was damaged, there was a lot of people a lot worse off than me and anything that I could of done, I tried focusing on, whether it was passing out goods, working the food, doing that little Halloween event."

Volunteering after the hurricane is not the only community outreach Sedona does, she also volunteers with the many clubs she is a part of and at the humane society. Sedona loves animals, and plans on pursuing this love after she graduates.

Sedona said, "I'm actually thinking of becoming a biochemist, and working somewhere in that biology field. I thought about being a vet but now I'm thinking more in that field [and] being able to actually work with animals."

Sedona is clearly 850Strong, which is why she is this week's 850Strong Student of the Week.

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