Local shelter takes in dozens of animals displaced by Hurricane Dorian

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PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) Hurricane Dorian has caused many along the east coast to evacuate and seek shelter, including animals.

St. Joseph Bay Humane Society Staff drove nearly five hours to Georgia to bring more than 25 hurricane displaced animals from Charelston, North Carolina. (WJHG/WECP)

St. Joseph Bay Humane Society staff drove nearly five hours to Georgia to bring 15 cats and 20 dogs from Charleston Animal Services in Charleston, South Carolina back to their facility.

"I'm really grateful that we were able to get all the dogs and cats out of harm's way," said St. Joseph Bay Humane Society Adoption Coordinator Caitlin Godwin.

"I know what it's like facing that fear and it's just not something I would want my pets to go through again," said St. Joseph Bay Humane Society Office Manager Kylie Skoda.

St. Joseph Bay Humane Society Director Tricia Smith said these animals are either strays, pets left behind by their owners, or pets that were abandoned for other reasons.

"People get rid of their animals. People can't take care of them anymore. Animal shelters, we kinda we like to work together," said Smith. "If they can utilize transporting animals back and forth whether they're new faces, whether there is a disaster about to happen, we all try to kinda help each other."

However now, with the newly displaced animals from Hurricane Dorian in addition those displaced from Hurricane Michael, the shelter is overcrowded. Staff says they're also planning to add more animals displaced from the Bahamas.

"A lot of the new dogs were so over capacity they have to be in a crate," said Godwin, "Which is why we're really looking for fosters to step up and help us give them a little bit more wiggle room."

They're hoping some of their animals get adopted so they can move the displaced animals from the crates to the adoption cages.

St. Joseph staff say they're taking monetary, food, and any other types of donations to help feed and accommodate the animals. Staff members say they also need more volunteers to help out at the shelter.

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