A local woman is a Damsel in Defense

PANAMA CITY, Fla.(WJHG) - Tonya Wright wants to equip, educate and empower women.

Professionally Wright has worked for 17 years to keep women and children safe from abuse. But wanted to do more.

"We live in a violent world, unfortunately. So it's just so important that we try to have the protection that we need to save our lives or the lives of a loved one," Wright recently told Newschannel 7.

Wright heard about an organization called Damsel in Defense. She jumped at the chance to arm women with non-lethal protection.

"It started with two women who decided they wanted to focus on women's safety and develop security items for women," explained Wright.

Items ranging from pepper spray and stun guns to conceal carry purses. There are several types of pepper spray from which to choose. One that has a cover over it where you have to take it out of the sleeve and turn the nozzle to be ready to spray.

Wright's favorite is one with no sleeve where you can grab and aim.

The stream can reach up to 16 feet away. The pepper spray also has a u.v. dye. so if a suspect goes for treatment or ends up at the police station, he will be easy to identify. It's usually close to 30 minutes before the suspect can even open his eyes.

"We also have the Sock-It-To-Me Sticks," said Wright. "I call them little jabbers. If someone comes up on you to attack you. We can just kind of jab them. They are very sturdy and easy to grip."

Among the items to fight off an assailant, there are others that can help if you're ever stranded or in an accident. That includes what's called the ROAD TRIP. It has the shape of a flashlight and can be used as one, but with many other features. It also has an alarm, a seat belt cutter in case you're ever trapped, and a device that can shatter a window if you're ever submerged.

One item parents and elderly caregivers seem to like is a personal alarm the little ones wear around their wrist. If your child gets a little too far away without you noticing, the alarm will sound.

All the stun guns offered by Damsel in Defense have a disable pin, so if an attacker happens to grab it, he can't use it against you. The power really brings the person to their knees.

Another favorite is what's called Junk in the Trunk. It's a small kit you keep in your car. Inside the kit are jumper cables, two blankets, two ponchos, gloves, waterproof whistle, screwdriver, tire pressure gauge, matches and a first aid kit.

One stylish item is the conceal carry purse.

"They come in all colors," said Wright. "Some are big and roomy, others are a little smaller."

Wright is happy to offer these safety features to women, but she does have one wish.

"I wish that every product that was sold is never used, but unfortunately they will be in the world that we live in today."

The company not only offers protection products. It also has items for child abuse victims, and it donates to the effort to stop sex trafficking as well as R.A.I.N. which stands for rape, abuse, and incest national network.

For more information on Damsel in Defense, you can contact Tonya Wright at 850-803-2222 OR go to her website www.mydamselrpro.net/damselpro12820